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WPG Solutions Ltd was formed to offer individuals and businesses a specialised platform of services that can be applied, at a moments notice, to help resolve problems that are beyond the clients scope, and experience. We also offer expertise, that an individual or company may not possess in-house.

Our consultants have over 100 years experience working for major organisations in many senior roles. We have always been at the forefront of practical Environmental issues and have always nutured a culture of "Knowing what you don't know" and doing something about it. Our Security consultants have all spent time in the Forces which taught them a lot about Practical Security, both Personal & Infrastructure, which we have put to good use with several clients. Our belief is that some individuals and companies need a different kind of support and WPG Solutions was set up to provide it.

Our approach is to view your problem with an outsiders eye (sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees). We know what it is like to be out of your depth. Most importantly - we'll be honest with you.

The Company was also founded to encourage and develop new talent that couldn't get an opening elsewhere. We value the influx of new thought and ideas and combine them with our own philosophies to produce an atmosphere that encourages progress and puts client satisfaction at the top of the agenda.

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