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WPG Solutions Ltd has always been at the forefront of practical Environmental issues

We specialise in designing and delivering innovative waste solutions, to companies and organisations, which actively promote recycling and reuse as their principal goals. We are helping companies deliver on their environmental targets and continuing the reduction of reliance on Land fill.


We have worked with many companies pioneering "Waste to Energy" and have built up an extensive database of the new technologies and what works and what doesn't. The problems and pitfalls of setting up projects such as these have been thoroughly researched, by us, and we can offer help and support to overcome the issues such as I.P.P.C. permitting and connecting to the grid.

Too many recycling and reuse schemes rely on “cherry picking” through the waste streams to weed out the most profitable parts. This leads to over complicated systems that eventually fall down because your staff have better things to do than become individual waste managers.

By carefully selecting the correct partners we can put together recycling schemes that are simple, uncomplicated and workable.

We only provide solutions that work; we will not waste your time in numerous meetings and in-depth analysis. The solutions we design tend to start at the basic level and develop over time to maximise recycling and reuse rates, whilst allowing your staff to concentrate on their main tasks and duties.

The partners we work with are all committed recycling companies who are financially sound and have the correct environmental ethos.

We also take a World Wide view on best available techniques and technologies and we are currently engaged in several projects that will look to bring to the Kent region new industries and jobs to further enhance the regions environmental potential.



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