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The WPG Mentoring service offers businesses, and individuals, the opportunity to have professional help at their beck and call, it's almost like a computer helpline but for your whole business or for you personally.

The service can range from having a "Two heads are better than one" arrangement, where as a business person you can speak to your mentor about new ideas, existing problems and new opportunities in a way that you couldn't with your employees - who of course expect you to be omnipotent! You talk to someone at your own level who understands your business and you.

For the individual we can offer a discrete service that deals with "Whole Life" situations, including finding professional help for legal, financial, security or any other problem areas as they occur.

We offer various packages of this type of support from "Billed when used" to "24/7/12" - the only variable is the price.

The other part of the service is to have a mentor on site with you, at an agreed frequency, to actually work alongside you and your business. This can take the form of working on a specific project (i.e. getting new clients or installing new technology) or assisting you through a difficult transition period or just someone there to take the weight off you.

Our mentors can assist in marshalling specialist help for you or can just be there for when you need to blow off steam and shout at someone.

If you've ever wished for someone to be there who's on your side - then we can help. Call us for a free quotation.

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